Weyburn Young Fellows

We provide catering, bartending, and safe rides home for 2-3 large community events and various small events throughout the year. 

Weyburn & District Hospital Foundation Supper

Weyburn Young Fellows

We have partnered with the Hospital Foundation to prepare an amazing Prime Rib supper and provide beverage services for the evening.

Graduation Supper

Weyburn Young Fellows

To help make it easier on a busy Graduation day, we provide a Roast Beef supper for up to 750 Graduates and their Families. We sell tickets leading up to the event And whether you have 2 people or a group of 50, we can accommodate you.

Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show Supper

Weyburn Young Fellows

The Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show is held biannually and the Young Fellows have partnered with then to provide a delicious Prime Rib supper for hundreds of people. The next show is in June of 2019.

How we Cook

Weyburn Young Fellows

We started by digging 8ft Pits, then moved to smaller cooking boxes, and now we have a Traeger Grill which will handle up to 50 roasts. Behind the scenes Prairie Sky Co-Op generously provides us with help with everything else.

Interested in our Services

Weyburn Young Fellows

If you are interested in making a request for our catering, bartending, or safe ride services please contact us by email and we will follow up on your request.